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Financial Matters

Divorce and Finances

Unsure how separation agreements differ to financial orders against a backdrop of divorce or judicial separation?

Confused about the process and law relating to financial matters upon divorce? Wanting to reach an agreement in the best way for your family?

I can guide you as to both the law and procedure.

There are two main stages to financial settlement, providing sufficient financial disclosure and negotiating a settlement thereafter. I can help you to provide appropriate financial disclosure, guiding you as to the information that needs to be sought and forms to be completed in order to satisfy the requirements of the court.

I can embody any agreement you reach within the terms of a Separation Agreement or Consent Order.

There are different process options available to assist you to resolve matters in the best way for your family. I have trained in collaborative law as well as mediation, both of which are process options that look to avoid court proceedings and aim to undertake round the table meetings in a timely and thereby cost effective manner.

Alternatively, if you are unable to agree settlement terms I am able to represent your case through correspondence with others or ultimately before the court.