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Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney

Creating a lasting power of attorney will give you peace of mind that should you become unable to manage your own affairs, someone that you know and trust will make decisions on your behalf.

You can appoint an attorney to make decisions in relation to your Property and Financial Affairs or your Health and Welfare or both.

The lasting power of attorney can contain restrictions or guidance for your attorneys, allowing you to decide how and when the power is to be used.

Before your attorneys can start acting on your behalf, the lasting powers of attorney must be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian. This is a safeguarding procedure to ensure that anyone creating a lasting power of attorney is doing so of their own free will and that they have mental capacity at the time of making the lasting power of attorney.

As part of the safeguarding procedure, you must either nominate certain people to be told that you are making a lasting power of attorney so that those people can raise objections if they have any concerns. Or, you can nominate two people to sign a certificate confirming that they know you and they are satisfied that you understand what you are doing.

I will guide you through the whole process from deciding who to appoint to carry out the various roles to drafting the documents, overseeing execution and completing the registration process. I will usually offer a fixed fee, which will include all the steps in the process.

If mental capacity has already been lost and you are concerned on someone’s behalf, I can advise you on the steps to be taken in order to manage that person’s affairs.