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Do you need to make a will? Have your circumstances changed since you last made a will? Did you make a will so long ago that you cannot remember where it is or what it says?

At our first meeting I will talk to you about what it is you want to achieve. We will talk about your family, any assets you hold and how you would like those assets to be distributed on your death.

If there are inheritance tax issues I will advise you as to any potential liability and how you may mitigate against that liability. If you have children under the age of 18 we will talk about guardianship. If you own a business we will talk about your plans for that business following your death. There is no such thing as a “standard will” because everyone’s circumstances are different and my advice will be tailored to your needs.

It may be that you need time to consider what we have talked about and have a further meeting or discussions by telephone or email.

Once you have confirmed your wishes I will prepare a draft will and send it you for your approval, together with an explanation of the nature and effect of each clause.

When you have approved the draft, subject to any amendments, I will engross a final copy of your will ready for your signature. I will then meet with you to oversee the execution of your will. If it is not possible to meet for any reason, I will send you the final copy together with clear instructions as to how to execute your will.

I will usually offer a fixed fee to include all of the above so that you need not worry that picking up the phone or coming to see me will increase costs.